Wordpress Landing Page Development

" Lead customers to a specific product, service or offer and encourage them to take action "

Benefit Of Landing Page

There’s no beating around the bush when it comes to landing pages – good ones are concise and, especially in the case of product or service pages, clearly lay out the value your brand can offer site visitors. That directness can be very refreshing for a B2B audience that just wants to find a solution to whatever problem they’re facing or is in the process of vetting different vendors and wants a clear-cut presentation of the ROI each one brings to the table.

Want to get more people to sign up for your webinars? Create dedicated landing pages that can be readily found either through organic search or internal links on your site. Link those pages to blogs that discuss related topics and promote them on your social media channels, and you’re guaranteed to see an uptick in webinar attendance. Be sure to build specific landing pages for each webinar you host or participate in to bring in as many qualified leads as possible.

Website Development Features 

We only use lifetime premium templates  in our web development to make sure that you will get
lifetime WordPress + Template updates. And yes, you only need to pay once for the development process.

Responsive Web Design

We will make sure your website will have it best appearances in desktop, tab and any mobile devices.

Banner Slider

Best to showcase your upcoming events, your services and products or even your corporate video & animation.

Whatsapp Chat

Redirect your visitor straight to your agent/salesperson Whatsapp account. 

Search Engine Optimization

Ability to push your website Google ranking organically.

Instagram Gallery

Ability to put your live Instagram updates on websites. All your IG update will automatically appear in the website.

Google Analytics

You can view all your visitor info; sessions, pageviews, average session durations, bounce rate & many more.

Simple Form

Can be used as an enquiry form or get the user data for any email marketing campaigns.

Powerful Admin Panel

We build a powerful control panel for your entire website. You now can manage your website easily without programming knowledge.

Map Location

Power up your landing page by having map location to your office / seminar location and many more.

Starting Development Price (one time payment) :

RM 950

Most Optimized Hosting

Whether you are looking to start your own web site for your hobby, business, Ecommerce or family website, our Web Hosting plans are designed for you with all the features you need to power your website!

Advanced Server

suitable for corporate organization
RM550/per year
  • 30 GB Web Hosting (for email & web storage)
  • 1 free .com (example: yoursite.com)
  • 10 domain allowed
  • Business Email (example: [email protected] )
  • SSL certificate (https)
  • Unlimited Monthly Data Transfer
  • 2GB Server RAM
  • FREE Backup
  • **additional RM100 for .com.my or .my domain

Premium Server

suitable for Malaysian businesses (free .com.my or .my domain)
RM600/per year
  • 40 GB Web Hosting (for email & web storage)
  • 1 free .com.my or .my domain (example: yoursite.com.my)
  • 1 domain allowed (only .com.my or .my)
  • Business Email (example: [email protected] )
  • SSL certificate (https)
  • Unlimited Monthly Data Transfer
  • 2.5 GB Server RAM
  • FREE Backup

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