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Why We Joomla!

One of the reason why some people like WordPress is that we can easily create content and add web pages to our website easily, but one of the disadvantages of WordPress is that it lacks proper organization. For example, WordPress need to depend on their plugins to have multilanguage site, while Joomla have it’s own multilanguage function. If you want a simple website with only minimal feature changes, then going to Joomla may be unnecessary. However, if you have big plans for your website or portal and see either massive growth or the need to handle more complex data and content,then Joomla is going to be the better option. Joomla is widely used for government portals, where security is their first priority.

Joomla! Cool Features

Multi Language 

Joomla! allows you to create easily a multilingual website, without having to install any third party extension. Suitable for any government agencies which need to have dual language portal.

Best Membership Platform

You can create both free and paid subscription plans and create plan which subscriptions will be expired after certain time (days, weeks, months, years) or lifetime subscription (never expired).You can also setup recurring subscription plans(Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly). For recurring subscription plans, you can even setup trial price and trial duration.

Classified Marketplace

Joomla! is suitable for any classified marketplace portal where user can put their listing into the website and start selling. Classified marketplace can also integrates with some cool features such as mortgage calculator, Private messages to seller, andvanced search, booking system and many more.  

Simple Social Network

We dont talk about how to compete with Facebook platform, but still we can build our simple online communities with Joomla.Members can share their status, upload photos, post videos, create events and more. They can like, share, comment and keep in touch with their friends.

Some of Our Joomla! Project Portfolio 

Majlis Daerah Hulu Selangor (2017)

Lembaga Pelabuhan Johor (2016)

Puteri Harbour Ferry Terminal (2018)

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