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How To Setup Business Email in Android

You can simply add your email account to your Android phone. Here is the step:

  1. Open Mail apps. Setup a new email by putting your full email address and password. Click on Manual Setup.
  2. Next, choose POP3 Account
    – put in your email address. For username, put in your full email address as well.
    – POP3 server: mail.yourwebsite.com .. for example, your website is abc.com. So, your pop3 server is mail.abc.com
    – Security type: none
    – Port: 110
    – Delete email from server: never
    Go to Next.
    – SMTP server: mail.yourwebsite.com .. for example, if your website is www.abc.com, your SMTP server is: mail.abc.com
    – Security type: none
    – Port: 26 (some of our server use port 25)
    – username: put in your full email
    – Click on Next

  5. Next, under account options, you may just leave it like that. Make sure to tick on Sync Email & Notify me when email arrives. Click on Next
  6. You’re done.

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