How To Setup Business Email on iPhone

STEP 1 : On i-Phone, Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts

STEP 2 : Scroll down and under Accounts > click Add Account.

STEP 3 : Click Other.

STEP 4 : Now, under Mail, click Add Mail Account.

STEP 5 : Next, fill in the detail. for Name and Email field, put your current Email URL.  Then, put your email password.

** In this tutorial, we use [email protected] as example. you should use your email instead and change Description based on your business.

STEP 6 : choose IMAP. For incoming and outgoing host name, put in palace.sfdns.net. Then, put in your email password on incoming/outgoing mail server password field.

STEP 7 : click Save


The following step is used for non SSL email user. Some of the client, they dont have SSL installed on their website/email. Normally, for those who have htpps:// for their website, they dont need to follow the next following step. They can use their email straight away.

STEP 8 (for Non SSL email) : go back to Setting > Password and Accounts > Click on the email that we already set up.

STEP 9 (for Non SSL email) : click on Account

STEP 10 (for Non SSL email) : scroll down and click Advanced

STEP 11 (for Non SSL email) : under incoming settings, turn OFF 'Use SSL'

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