How To Setup Business Email in Microsoft Outlook

By using Microsoft Outlook, all incoming email can be stored in your computer. We no longer need to have bigger email server (www.yourwebsite.com/webmail) to store all your email. Here is the step on how to setup your email using Microsoft Outlook :

  1. Open your Microsoft Outlook software.
    *In this tutorial, we assume that you already setup another email before in your Outlook.
  2. Click on File
  3. Under Info > Add Account
  4. A popup will occur (Add Account). Choose Manual Setup
  5. Next (under Choose Services), choose POP or IMAP
  6. Under POP & IMAP Account Setting:
    User Information: put in your full email address for both section (Your Name & Email Address)
    Server Information: Choose POP3. For incoming & outgoing mail, put in mail.yourwebsite.com. For example, your website is www.iceink.com.my, so your incoming & outgoing mail is mail.iceink.com.my (ignore www)
    Logon Information: put in your full email & password
    Make sure you tick on Remember password
    Click on More Setting

  7. Once you click on More Setting, a popup will occur (Internet E-mail Settings). Go to Outgoing Server tab. Tick on “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication“. It will automatically tick on “Use same settings as my incoming mail server“. Leave it like that.
  8. Next, go to Advanced tab (beside outgoing server). Under incoming server, put 110 . under outgoing server, put in 26 (some of our server use port 25).
    – For server timeouts, you can set it to be longer if you want to receive big size of email in future. If you set it to be short, once you receive big file, the email will bounce back to the sender. Recommended : 2 minutes ser ver timeouts.
    – Delivery: tick on “Leave a copy of message on the server“. Tick also “Remove from server after : [depends on you] days“. For example, if you put 14 days, then all your received email will be automatically deleted on the server (webmail). But, all your email is now stored in your computer. With this method, you will no longer have an issue on not having enough email space since all your email now are stored in your computer, not your email server.
    – Click OK
  9. Once done with Internet Email Setting, you will go back to POP and IMAP Account Settings. Make sure you tick on ” Automatically test account settings when Next is clicked“. This is to make sure that Microsft Outlook can test your email configuration. Click on Next.
  10. Next, a popup Test Account Settings will occur. Once you get no error, it means your email configuration is correct and functioning. Click Close.
  11. Once you close Test Account Settings (with no error), your email is now added to your Microsoft Outlook. Click on Finish. You’re done.

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